COVID-19 UPDATE – Updated January 2021

-The waiting room still remains closed. Please call the clinic at 780-250-1700 when you arrive for any reason and we will instruct you from there.

– We are open Monday to Friday, 8 am-6 pm.

– We are still providing curbside service, meaning no clients are allowed into the building unless we deem it necessary (fearful pets may benefit from their owners being present and we will make that judgement).

– We are allowing a maximum of 2 people present for euthanasias. You must wear a mask that we will provide for you.

Please do not come to the clinic if:

  • You have recently returned from travel outside of Canada
  • You are feeling ill, exhibiting respiratory illness signs
  • You have been in contact with individuals that have tested positive for COVID
  • You are bringing in an animal that has been around a person who has tested positive for COVID. Pets can act as fomites
  • Instead, please call the clinic for advice. We want to help you help your pet. We are trusting you to keep our staff safe as well.

– Please ensure that you have filled out the appropriate required form on our website before your appointment. This is important for accurate triage.

– We are still temporarily closed on Saturdays and recommend that our clients call Pulse Veterinary Specialists and Emergency at 780-570-9999 or VCA Guardian Veterinary Centre at 780-436-5880. Please call before you go as both clinics also have protocols for patient entry at this time.

– Pet food orders – Please ensure that you have placed an order ahead of time. We will provide curbside service for this and can accept payment with a credit card over the phone or e-transfer.

– Medication orders – Please place orders one week ahead of needing the medication. We cannot guarantee last minute prescriptions will be filled.

– We will continue to try to deliver medication and food to those who are in self-isolation or who are ill. Volunteers to help with this service are appreciated and we will call on you when needed. Thank you for your assistance in caring for our clinic family.